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If the user likes a profile they “swipe right” and if they don’t, they “swipe left”.The app only allows users to exchange messages if two users match by both swiping right on each other.

The artifacts, totaling about 0 million between the two countries, were imported "for consumption" and not for temporary display in a museum, the documents say.Its simplicity has been part of what makes it so attractive to its users – using geolocation, the app shows users profiles of their preferred gender and age-range within a set geographical area.Profiles consist only of a first name, an age, a 500-character description, and up to six photos.Scholars and multiple governments (including the United States) have documented that artifacts are being sent from Iraq and Syria to Turkey before being sold abroad. (10 kg) of antique gold coins were shipped from Egypt to the United States in 2016.Additionally, a coup attempt occurred in Turkey in July 2016, although scholars and law enforcement officials declined to speculate on whether the coup attempt is leading to more artifacts being shipped from Turkey to the US. For comparison, the documents also reveal that between 19, in that entire span, less than 1 lb. Census Bureau documents show that many of the artifacts are shipped under vague headings, such as "antiques of an age exceeding 100 years." Another vague heading simply states that the artifacts in a shipment are “Collection and Collectors’ Pieces of Archaeological, Historical or Ethnographic Interest.” Additionally, in response to Live Science's Freedom of Information Act request, U. Customs and Border Protection officials told us that senders of artifacts or antiques shipments to the U. are not required to send photos of the objects they ship, and customs inspectors do not usually take photographs.

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