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Accommodation, also called enabling, occurs when you give in to your child’s anxiety rather than letting your child tolerate some discomfort and learn to use coping tools.Accommodation is commonplace in families of children with anxiety. For example, when you are trying to make it on time to soccer practice and all that stands in your way is a simple promise to stay and watch, rather than drop off and go.So what is the best stance for family and friends of an anxious person to take?The answer is for family and friends to try to provide compassionate and kindly encouragement to move through the anxiety rather than avoiding it.Or when your child refuses to go to bed unless you kiss him one last time.However, after a while, the demand for accommodation grows.One of the Common Anxiety Myths listed on the Anxiety Disorders Association of America’s (ADAA’s) informative website is that “A never-ending supply of compassionate reassurance from family and friends and assistance in avoiding stress are good for someone with anxiety problems.” The writers go on to explain that friends and loved ones usually feel compelled to offer frequent reassurance and soothing to the person in their life suffering from acute anxiety.Without a more informed understanding of how human behaviors are extinguished or reinforced, they mistakenly believe that taking it easy on the anxious person by helping him or her to avoid things is the best way to help relieve the person’s anxiety.

The boyfriend of a girl with agoraphobia agrees to only spend time with her at her house because venturing out overwhelms her with the fear of panic attacks.In the era of the "sandwich generation", many employees are balancing work with significant family obligations – caring for children, aging parents, or both.Many employers seeking to retain valued employees have been considering and implementing temporary or even permanent flexible work arrangements in an effort to assist employees in balancing their work and family responsibilities.BC Courts and the BC Human Rights Tribunal have not generally been receptive to these complaints, holding that a complaint of family status discrimination will not succeed in the usual case of an employee experiencing a conflict between work and family obligations.There is a recognition that many working parents have to make childcare arrangements, and the approach of our Courts and the Tribunal seems to be that making appropriate childcare arrangements is a responsibility to be borne solely by the parent, and an employer is entitled to insist on a particular work schedule, even if it conflicts with childcare obligations.

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