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MANILA, Philippines - As employment opportunities start to dwindle in the Middle East, poor Filipino children and women are likely to become more prone to online sexual exploitation and human trafficking.Susan Ople, chief of the Blas Ople Policy Center, yesterday stressed the need for the government to step up efforts to protect Filipino children and women from these new online threats.“As an English speaking nation, foreign pedophiles find it easier to connect with potential victims in the Philippines, aside from the fact that Filipinos easily appreciate the attention given to them by the foreigners,” Ople said.The Philippines has made significant efforts to end human trafficking, but Ople said forced labor and sex trafficking remain prevalent in the country.If the victims protested and solicited prostitution but wouldn’t offer more money, security would come and instruct them to leave, threatening physical violence if the victims continued to protest, according to the arrest reports.A similar scenario played out at Entyce, except the initial fees were generally a bit lower, police allege.The three locations were portraying themselves to the victims as reflexology businesses, police said.

Sharing intimate, private images is becomming more commonplace and is being covered well in the media right now, however this time there is another level added: blackmail.“The presence of remittance channels even in the most remote areas makes it easier for cybersex operators to collect payment from pedophiles all over the world,” she said.Ople said poverty drives Filipinos to engage in online child sex trafficking, particularly in war-torn areas or any place where there is internet connection.Hongerig zal ze op zoek gaan naar je pik en nadat ze hem goed stijf heeft gemaakt zal ze hem als een wilde berijden.Ze zal keer op keer klaarkomen en je ballen laten druipen van het kutgeil, terwijl ze met haar lange nagels over je borst krabt.

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