Adults intimidating children

It’s subtler, but still much easier and less draining than managing and motivating a classroom full of kids.

Kids’ lessons tend to be fairly simple in content, and geared toward the students’ ages and grade level.

But it is in those moments that our honest candor is important.

If we want to have healthy relationships with our children — and if we want them to come to us with the tough questions and the scary situations and the healthy curiosities — then we have to be honest with our children about these eight things, because sometimes, even a little white lie can hurt.

By Caroline Willcocks Pat isn't normally an angry person.Adult learners, on the other hand, are generally taking the class because they are committed to improving their English.This doesn’t mean classroom management is a non-thing with adults; you still have to moderate discussions, make sure that one very talkative student isn’t steamrolling others who want a chance to speak up, and that everyone understands the work and is able to do it.In the past children would have kept quiet, while their parents - even if they did discover what was going on - were unlikely to have done anything about it.But in today's anti-bullying climate not all children are keeping it to themselves - although it is not always doing them much good. But when it happens the victims who speak out can find themselves treated with hostility and disbelief. She said, `the teacher was so mean today, she was pulling Luke, and dragging him, and he fell down on the floor.' During that evening a few other people phoned me because they'd heard something had gone on." Luke's school had already contacted Pat and her husband, Ian, several times about the child's behaviour.

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While counting may appear to be a magic form of discipline, there is no magic in threats.

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