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American Greed is an hour-long American television show that currently airs on CNBC and Escape (TV network). Police say it's the work of one man: "The Interstate Bank Mart Bandit!

The show profiles various cases involving corporate fraud and white collar crimes. "Case 1: A museum quality art collection worth more than million is stolen!

Many people also use abbreviations on social media sites. Some are shown here in capitals (for example: AFK), but they can also be in small letters (for example: afk).

A prison superintendent ordered to oversee two executions struggles with his beliefs that the punishment doesn't fit the crime, and a former Vegas drug dealer finally finds his place in the high life – sober.

Given the nature of the Internet, this type of sexual offending is clearly an international problem, with political, legal, and geographic complexities.

Follow along at and @slackstories. As Mayor Levine's bus tour rolls on, we start our day in Tampa at the JC Newman Cigar Company, America's oldest family owned premium cigar company, where we learn about the century old tradition of hand rolling cigars. Petersburg 22nd corridor for lunch at Chief's Creole Cafe and a tour of the rich African-American history of the neighborhood.There is also variation in prohibitions of child pornography; for example, some countries (such as the United States) prohibit only visual depictions of real children, whereas other countries (such as Canada) prohibit depictions of fictional children (e.g., anime) or nonvisual depictions (e.g., audio recordings or stories).A group of 121 retired three and four star flag and general officers sent a letter to Congressional leadership and the Trump administration yesterday asking them not to cut funding foreign aid. A profile of Hunt’s crime and the investors who bought his story. Under the cover of darkness, a hole is expertly cut in the roof, an alarm goes haywire and two paintings by famed American artist Maxfield Parrish disappear into the night. Case 2: Wheaton, Illinois - a nice place to raise a family.has a thriving practice specializing in "executive" medical exams. But a shadow hangs over this affluent Chicago suburb.

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Background: Office of Management and Budget officials told reporters yesterday that Trump's budget plans will include "a large reduction in foreign aid," according to an ABC report.

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