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The Red Light District isn't any more unsafe than many other parts of town - but do stick to some simple rules (see below). Get to know all the secrets of Amsterdam Prostitutes and learn how the Red Light District works.

Take a look at our Red Light District tour suggestions.

In these private cabins, the visitor and the performer are still separated by a window, but in these cabins they can give each others certain instructions.

In April 2014, the Amsterdam Sex Palace announced that it will close its doors.

Most of the cabins are faced towards one performer, which means that there are several visitors who can enjoy the same performer.

It’s possible to get a private booth with the performer, obviously for a higher rate.

So every 10 minutes there’s a new erotic performer.Cost: €40; €50 with two drinks; free for bachelor(ette)s in costume.Sleaze factor: A mere 5 out of 10; it’ll tickle your funny bone more than any other bone, and the stage/audience divide gives you plenty of distance. What to expect: This is the original Amsterdam sex-theater experience.At any time of the day you will find a collection of Japanese tourists with cameras, Amsterdammers taking the shortest route to the supermarket, police officers chatting to prostitutes, young women of religious organizations trying to save souls, a few junkies and weirdos, and actually some people looking for paid 'love'.And usually, it all goes together without much trouble. You can visit the Red Light District on your own but it is much more fun to do so with a guided tour.

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