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I have to admit, I’m pretty disappointed with the song and I don’t anticipate the rest of the album being that amazeballs either.What I appreciate about David Byrne is sometimes the same thing that makes me cringe.She’s already scored some acting roles in movies and she’s allegedly recording with Beyonce. They’ve been seen canoodling all over London and NYC for several weeks now, and it seems like St. That sounds like such a stupid, made-up rumor, but you never know. To be fair, it seems like Cara has a new girlfriend every other week. Vincent is making some appearances on Cara’s social media too (which means it’s love). Vincent have actually been undercover dating for four months, but I doubt that. lists nearly 400 credits, most of them unknowns, but also more well-known names like his own band The Paper Chase, Modest Mouse, David Byrne, Erykah Badu, The Roots, Marilyn Manson, Bono, The New Pornographers, Explosions In The Sky, Amanda Palmer, Murder By Death, Antony and the Johnsons, Ana Calvi, and St Vincent.St Vincent, aka Annie Clark, is an artist with whom Congleton has built up a particularly strong musical relationship, as he has engineered, mixed, and produced three of her four solo albums to date: Actor (2009), Strange Mercy (2011), and most recently the eponymously-titled St Vincent (2014) In addition, Clarke also collaborated with David Byrne on the album Love This Giant (2012), which was co-produced by Congleton, Byrne, Clark and mixer Patrick Dillett.St Vincent expresses a singular artistic vision full of distortion and abrasiveness—though it also contains some gorgeously lush ballads—propelled by in-your-face drums, a Mini Moog bass and Clark’s crunching guitar and expressive, often distorted vocals.Clark herself has amusingly, and aptly, described her album as “a party record you could play at a funeral.” Aside from the music of the now defunct The Paper Chase, the collaboration with St Vincent arguably most directly reflects Congleton’s aesthetic and working methods.

It’s definitely not about perfection or endlessly pontificating. We live in a world where people are constantly layering things and trying to get everything to sound perfect, and are never going for bold performances any more. Perfection has nothing to do with making good music.

Here, she talks with Lisa Robinson about life on the road and her background, clothes, and music.].

I had a year and a half of an audio scrapbook of where I'd been.

Vincent’s voice is and how wobbly and not classically-trained David Byrne’s voice is.

DB’s voice is an acquired taste which by itself is pure magic, but when paired with others who sing more “normally”, sounds like a mentally-challenged goat trying to have his voice heard.

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