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This powerful application features many tools to bring order to the experience of being at the computer, now you will have all at your fingertips even if you need to have many applications opened.

AOL Desktop gives new life to your desktop and makes using Windows more satisfactory, having in a single application multiple utilities very practical and efficient.

Winamp® Download this free multimedia player, with a totally new look, album art, multiple device support (including Apple® i Pods® ), remote access to your music and videos, dynamic song recommendations and more!

I have been an AOL user even before there was an America Online: I was a subscriber of Quantum Link, an Internet provider formed in 1985 specifically for Commodore 64 computers.the tabbed browsing will differ from other offerings by displaying a small picture of the website whenever the mouse goes over the's reason for using ie as the base is so that users don't have to make a “leap of faith.” on top of this, the browser (and its accompanying aol media player) will be designed to always keep aol-generated content nearby, drive users towards it in many ways.AOL Canada Client Software 9.0 Whether you connect to the Internet by high-speed or by dial-up AOL 9.0 brings together everything you want to do online into one simple package, including e-mail, instant messaging, Web browsing and more. The new AIM is available for Mac, PC, i Phone, Android and on the web.It also features built-in tools that automatically block viruses, spammers and scammers to help protect you and your family. AIM gives you: . Fun, easy group chat. Instant display of videos, images and tweets. Social notifications from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, AOL Mail and Gmail. Get all your social network updates in one place with Lifestream You can also connect your Facebook chat and Google Talk accounts to talk to friends on those services.

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The AOL software either includes an embedded version of Internet Explorer, or links into the installed version of IE on the PC, never have been quite sure which but, whichever, it does integrate with the AOL software.

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