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But it doesn't change the fact that it's an extremely useful mechanism for analyzing threats to a system. A spoofing attack occurs when an attacker pretends to be someone they're not.

So an attacker using DNS hijacking and pretending to be be an example of a "spoofing" attack. For instance, as I mentioned in "Reapplying the decal" one mechanism that the Decal plugin framework injects itself into the Asheron's Call process is to spoof one of the COM objects that Asheron's Call uses.

VERSION - Various UI Bug Fixes for "Add Server" window - Fixed missing images issue from Help menu.

VERSION - Added Server Status - Added F5 hotkey for Launching VERSION - Added a Simple Launch UI VERSION - Added an Add Server UI to add either Phat AC or ACE servers to the server list - Implemented a fix for Logging characters all the way in to the game - Fixed bug that could potentially crash launcher when server list wasn't recieved correctly - Improvements to server list UI - Various small bug fixes throughout VERSION - Fixed a small bug to correct adding custom Phat AC servers from the - Removed reference to Phat AC server URL from source - Fixed text to read AC Client File Location from Launcher - Fixed the edit users window to remove references to the old "Live" servers VERSION - Modified to support EMU development for both Phat AC and ACE server types VERSION - Changed name from ACAccount Manager to Thwarg Launcher - Unable to log in characters with Apostrophe in the name - Sometimes accounts didn't realize they were closed (they were having an existential crisis) VERSION - Updated bug with installer.

See: Advanced Installer Website The launcher supports both Phat AC and ACE emulation servers of the game.

These are two separate efforts to emulate the server-side, but you can manage and launch clients to either type using this launcher.

Project Description This is an application for launching multiple Asheron's Call accounts.

The user will be able to input each of their AC accounts and select multiple servers.

In order to use Decal Plugins with Asheron's Call, you must first install Decal.

To assign a hotkey, type the function name (left column) in the text box at the bottom then click the Add Hotkey button.

A message will be given in the AC chat area: [Decal Hotkey System] Entering add mode.

STRIDE stands for "Spoofing", "Tampering", "Repudiation", "Information disclosure", "Denial of service", and "Elevation of privilege".

Essentially the idea is that you can classify all your threats according to one of the 6 STRIDE categories.

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Update: It appears as if Elgar L has changed his mind after-all and not shutting down El-Tank.

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