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You do not have to uninstall or re-install the software.Windows XP version 2002 SP2 home edition AMD Athlon(tm) XP 1800 1.53Ghz, 512 mb of RAMAVG 8.0.138 shows that the database for anti-virus and anti-spyware component are outdated (and not active). Some components report an error."I click on Update Now but there are no new updates.-----------------------------------------------------Ever since I installed the new Spybot, the whole registry change permission is confusing me. -------------------------------------------------------*when I uninstalled AVG, I deleted the files in the virus vault.Soooooooooo, I guess I should try to restore to a more recent checkpoint. Windows Security Center says my virus protection is off. Double clicked and try to open AVG but nothing happens. I'll check the Mozilla version 3 issue but I'm getting worried. Tried to remove him but got following:---------------------------------------Installation failed!

These devices not only allow multiple computers to be connected to a single internet connection, but they act as a type of firewall, protecting against malicious traffic from the internet.

A firewall is a barrier between something that is potentially dangerous and something you want to keep safe. There is a wall of metal behind your car’s dashboard designed to keep the passengers safe should the engine catch on fire. In computing, a firewall is typically a networking device – often a router – that is designed to understand network traffic to some degree.

Its job is to block malicious or unauthorized network traffic from crossing the firewall into a protected network.

However, what should I do with the AVG (above error) in the Add/Program section.

Can I just setup AVG even though the AVG 8 is in Add/Program section? " instead of "Save File", I was able to download AVG. I installed the new version without any problems whatsoever & it works great.

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