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You really do.'I hope you can make rabbit ears and witty rhymes up there, because your loopy humour was your gift to us and now it is your gift to them. Left, she hugs Prince Charles in 2003 and right, at a function with the Duchess of Cambridge in 2007'As your sister I always wanted to look after you and I tried, I really tried.

I'm hanging with the plantets chilling out with the stars and dance to the beat and feel the heat tonight. I hope they are looking after you now in Heaven and that you are letting them, and that you heal.'Most of all, my dearest Tara, I hope you know that we love you, with all our hearts, we really do.' Writing on Twitter earlier this month Mrs Montefiore revealed a coroner had concluded that her sister died after a perforated ulcer triggered peritonitis, a severe inflammation of the stomach lining, and blood poisoning.

For 40 years, Bohemian Rhapsody has been one of the world’s favourite rock songs but has baffled its millions of fans with its wilfully obscure lyrics.

Pictured: The famous photo from the cover of Bohemian Rhapsody‘It was Freddie’s confessional.

'You Never Walk Alone' is the epilogue to 'WINGS', and will contain 4 new tracks: "Spring Day", "Not Today", "Outro: Wings", and "A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone".

Title song "Spring Day" is an alternative hip hop song that combines the emotions from British rock and the sound from electronic music. Who knew a gigantic pile of clothes could be so alluring.

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