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An abusive husband is paid back in a violent assault for the wrongs he has done.

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Pansexuality is sexual attraction to people with any gender identity.Two And Five Equals Fuck Nika a 21 year old hot and attractive with a body of a model needs help and is offered, but in exchange she pleasures some guys. Nika tells her friends with pride about what happened and her last fuck she had had. A black man shows the bigoted wife beater that he is no more than a faggot sissy only at his best when ass is stuffed with cock...Sad that her husband Frank is out of town on business on her birthday, his forgetting that it was Lisa's birthday adds insult to ingury....until Frank's sister Tammy decideds to give Lisa a Birthday Surprise....

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Pansexuality is commonly accepted as an attraction to all genders. Polysexuality is generally accepted as an attraction to most, but not all, genders.

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  1. London Honey77 seemed like as good a profile name as any, given that I can rarely be bothered to travel outside of the M25 for a date (not even for bags of gold) and I’d imagine it was ‘honey’ (ahem) most men were looking for.