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Then there's the MTV union of Kanye West and Stacey Dash, Scarlett Johansson cheating on Justin Timberlake with Shawn Hatosy, and, of course, Jessica Lowndes' recent dalliance with Jon Lovitz. We dug through Vevo to unearth some of the most random relationships immortalized in music videos.

Click through to see Megan Fox mate with a Hobbit, Calvin Harris make out with one of Taylor Swift's best friends, and Mischa Barton seduce Enrique Iglesias.

When I first arrived at the site, I was blocked because the site is currently invite only. All you need is a Facebook friend that's already past the velvet rope.

I'm not sure which specific Facebook friend ended up vouching for me (Julie is the only confessed user in my social group), but whoever it was: "thank you." The first room I tried was called "VIPfest." I clicked on it because it had the most listeners (144).

His first kid's mother famously had sex with his then-rival Jay-Z, which Jay obviously bragged about in a dis track.

Then he filed for divorce from wife Kelis while she was still pregnant.

You can find her on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr or in the drive-thru line at the nearest In-N-Out.

We'll never believe that Alicia Silverstone and Liv Tyler aren't truly best friends/maybe girlfriends, that Lady Gaga and Alexander Skarsgård don't make a hot fake couple, or that Stephen Dorff isn't the worst boyfriend a pop star could ever have.

Julie almost destroyed my Rdio social group's "Heavy Rotation" chart due to her love of Brandon Flowers, but I still like her because she's dating my friend and co-worker Ross Miller (no relation). This year at Thanksgiving dinner I came to terms with adulthood when I proclaimed, “I just don’t get blackout on the holidays like I used to.” But it all worked out anyway.Ru Paul, Lady Gaga, and the Muppets walk into a bar. v=8SX6t Lh6zu M The Salvation Army has removed ex-gay therapy links from their website, and a new statement claims that they don’t think being gay is a sin. The Salvation Army has taken down links from its website to two “ex-gay” ministries.Because there's nothing more rock 'n' roll than partying with a billionaire, eh?Some attendees managed to capture the moment and upload it online, including The Killers themselves.

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