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the experience of diaspora life, from the Ancient Egyptian rule over the Levant, to Assyrian Captivity and Exile, to Babylonian Captivity and Exile, to Seleucid Imperial rule, to the Roman occupation and Exile, and the historical relations between Jews and their homeland thereafter, became a major feature of Jewish history, identity and memory.According to the report, about 44% of all Jews reside in Israel (6.3 million), and 40% in the United States (5.7 million), with most of the remainder living in Europe (1.4 million) and Canada (0.4 million).

There are, however, small numbers of both older and more recently arrived Sephardic Jews (Spanish and Portuguese Jews and those descended from them following the 15th century expulsion), as well as smaller numbers of Mizrahi Jews (Jewish communities with extended histories in the Middle East, North Africa, Caucasus and Central Asia), Ethiopian Jews, Indian Jews and others from various smaller Jewish ethnic divisions.

Large scale Jewish immigration, however, did not commence until the nineteenth century, when, by mid-century, many secular Ashkenazi Jews from Germany arrived in the United States, primarily becoming merchants and shop-owners.

There were approximately 250,000 Jews in the United States by 1880, many of them being the educated, and largely secular, German Jews, although a minority population of the older Sephardic Jewish families remained influential.

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Israel is the only country where Jews form a majority of the population.

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