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The former Corrie heart-throb has been taking drama lessons recently, after revealing that he doesn’t know how to act.

The revelation comes just months after the soap star left Coronation Street to “push the boundaries” elsewhere.

Nash is under extreme pressure to publish, but he wants to publish his own original idea.

His inspiration comes when he and his fellow graduate students discuss how to approach a group of women at a bar.

Hansen quotes Adam Smith and advocates "every man for himself", but Nash argues that a cooperative approach would lead to better chances of success.

He is co-recipient, with Martin Hansen (Lucas), of the prestigious Carnegie Scholarship for mathematics.

What we thought would quickly become an irritating feature became our crutch as we found ourselves asking: ‘What does Billy say? ’Even his wise-cracks when telling us to make a U-turn amused us, repetition enhancing the lame joke rather then irritating us, surprisingly. Celebrity voices aside the new entry-level Tom Tom range is perfectly adept at guiding two directionally-challenged Brits through northern France.

While it is rather low on features compared to more expensive models the firm’s famed user-friendliness endeared it to us.

They said: “Using your phone while driving is serious and you need to have your hands on the wheel and attention on the road at all times.“It is estimated that one in five crashes are caused by drivers being distracted.

Ryan should be setting a better example to his daughter – and his fans.”Ryan posted the clips on Sunday to his public Snapchat account.

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Taking to Instagram, she surprised her 996k followers with her new look.

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