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Travel to the Goodsprings Pub and she'll be wondering about in there. Permissions: Ask, I'll probably say yes, I just don't want her turned into a mutant or hooker.

Lowered her guard radius to stop her wandering too far. A, The master flag is set to avoid a possible head/body texture mismatch that can happen with custom NPCs. A, Yes but she only has one set of eyes and hair, you'd have to add more if you want a different look. A, No, being a guy I can't do it and my better half being as supportive as ever didn't want to know.

Browse files Categories New today New recently Latest files Top files Tag search Files of the month Files without tags Add a file Manage your files Manage files you have access to Tracking centre Download history 20 - ver 1.5 Change femalehead.tri(Weight slider fix)20 - ver 1.4 Change mouthhumanf.tri, femalehead.tri, and mouthhumanf.nif(Optional)20 - ver 1.3 Minor changes(and mouthhumanf.tri)20 - ver 1.2 Minor changes(mouthhumanf.tri)20 - Add optional file20 - ver 1.1 Change expression 16 "Combat Shout" and some minor changes20 - ver 1.0 Nexus release Q.

I used the shout but look like the Preview's image not play me. "Expression16 - Combat shout" it will not be played even if you shout in the game. I've never seen only in mfg command "Expression 16".

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This adds a companion called "Precious" to the Goodsprings pub, those who freqent the New Vegas Imageshare will probably know who she is. To update overwrite old esp with v1.1, new users just use 1.1. Credits....cgy95 for his great Video tutorial Rexus3, Brigand231, Fast Black Cat and Angrod88 for testing.

(I'm using it in combination with the inbuild FXAA as SMAA on it's own has some issues with trees (and other objects) in the distance)3.

Extract the files inside the zip file that you just downloaded in there.4.

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Sorry, I can not make it because I've never seen in the real beast is to talk or change the expression. Way to see the Omega99jp 's tutorial(Miscellaneous file).

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