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When you make a long distance call, that call is generally handled by a number of telephone companies – Your local carrier delivers the call from your phone to a long distance company, the long distance company carries the call most of the way to its destination, and then the call is handed off to the local carrier that serves the party you’re calling.

Allegations of access stimulation have led to a number of disputes between local and long distance telephone companies, a number of have been resolved by the Commission through a formal complaint process.

The car was okay, but the driver's side seat belt mechanism was very tough to use and the info display started telling us we had a low tire on the way home.

Even after putting air in the tire, it remained on.

In addition, the Commission recently adopted rules designed to reduce the ability to engage in access stimulation.

The Enforcement Bureau will enforce these new rules by continuing to resolve disputes between individual companies, either through mediation or by resolving formal complaints.

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