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The couple was so cozy with one another and was providing perfect company in the cold weather of Paris.

They even smiled for a quick selfie on the roads and had an enjoyable trip to France in November 2013.

35-year-old Chris was definitely gifted with his acting skills from his parents; Robert Pine and Gwynee Gilford who both worked as actors in the past.

Again in February 2015, they paid a visit together for an event at Madeo Restaurant.While changing lighting and camera angles, Mc Fly would play their other songs for the fans before playing the ones for the movie while filming.See more » At the Hard Rock Cafe, when Harry Judd goes missing and Jake tells the boys to go look for him and they start running around yelling "Harry", Danny Jones is holding the wrong eye from where Dougie Poynter hit him with the bass string.When Ashley meets Jake in a masquerade party, they kiss each other, swapping her fortune with his bad luck."Just My Luck" is a very silly and predictable comedy, but also entertaining.Lindsay Lohan is charming and adorable as usual and shows a good chemistry with Chris Pine making this movie work.

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