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If they are planning something that you don't agree with, they want you to let them know at the start — as soon as possible — before it becomes a bigger issue or concern.

Here's the beauty of telling a man what you think early on: it allows you to communicate in a way that's less combative and negative than it would be if you were to have it fester in your mind for a while.

Historically marriages were often arranged by parents.

However, we’ve noticed within Christian dating there seems to be a serial over-complication of the dating process.

We’ve put together a list of four things that can help your Christian dating experience become a whole lot simpler. Is god the number one focus of your life, or just a part of it?

In fact there is absolutely no mention of dating (as we know it) in the bible. Knowing these things can help you not only be more self-aware but also help you work out what you should look for in a partner.

So in terms of having scripture to guide you, when it comes to dating you might be better seeking guidance from your family or church. You don’t know who’s out there until you actually go out and see for yourself – and signing up to a dating site is a great way to see who’s out there.

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