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It might appear to be yet another attempt to steal portions of Queen Snapchat’s crown, but this might actually be a better way to vet someone before swiping right, thus eliminating a few unfavorable first date surprises.

Tinder’s most recent addition was GIF messaging, which rolled out last January.

Bumble, the dating app that allows women to make the first move when deciding whether or not to speak to their matches, is further separating itself from Tinder by introducing a Snapchat-esque video feature.

Bumble VID will allow users to create a story out of an unlimited number of ten-second video clips from within the app.

Instead of the typical dating app 'swipe' that users do, you instead create a 'story', a collage of who you are in pictures, quotes, facts, and now videos.

Instead of swiping, potential matches can comment notes on your story to let you know they find something about you interesting.

If they’ve been created outside of that time frame, they’ll be flagged.

The feature will launch in a few weeks and is open to everyone who’s had their profile verified.

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