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Kent says she fell in love, and around the sixth month, said yes to Coats’ marriage proposal.“It was an excitement of I think I found the one,” she said.She co-signed on a car, revealing her most personal information for the first time.“He used my name, date of birth, to open accounts online,” said Kent.Kent said they met on, but the conversation quickly shifted to email.She didn’t know leaving an internet dating site was a big, red flag.“We hardly went anywhere,” said Kent.A new study lists Buffalo as the nation's most dangerous city for online dating. The study, conducted by security review company Safe Wise and High Speed, ranked 56 U. cities based on two risk factors that researchers said were key to online dating safety: STD cases and violent crime rates, both adjusted for population.

It cited Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data as its source.

That comes out to an overall rate of 710 cases per 100,000 people for the metro area.

When contacted by The Buffalo News, a spokeswoman for Safe Wise acknowledged there were "miscalculations" in the Buffalo STD rates.

"You're looking at a profile pic, but you really don't know who's on the other side of that screen," said Lt. Search just the name, then add in the name and words like arrested, divorce, court, bankruptcy.

Memphis sex crimes investigators say half of reported sexual assaults have a social media connection, whether the people met on dating websites, or Facebook, or other apps. Some first dates have gone well, others not so much. I don't want to go to bars to meet people, so I am basically trying to meet people who are in the same place as I am," said Harriman. If you have basic information about a person, Braxton says start with a google search.

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