Dating a plastic surgeon

It takes a lot of very unglamorous training to become a plastic surgeon. We worked over 100 hours a week and I was in the hospital overnight every second or third night for on-call shifts.

“Doing a reality show was one of the worst decisions I made in my life,” Kate tweeted.

Hypervocal had the story of Whats Your Price, a service for to win their affections.

Likening females who like shiny jewelry to dogs who like treats, Wade truly believes all you have to do is find the right carrot to dangle, and you'll unlock the code to a lifetime of happiness.

“Everything on the show is so edited and out of context.” That comment kicked off this series of tweets and responses from Kate over the next three hours: KATE: tip to anyone that wants a good life: go to school, work hard and stay is control of ur life.

Reality tv ruins peoples lives and futures TWEETER: If so, why did/do you go back for more seasons? KATE: Being on a reality show is like overhearing people talk about you, and they have their information all wrong…

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