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Read about the reasons that why you should date or marry a sailor.The best part of being a sailor is that you get an opportunity to see the World, have experiences, and learn from them.Keep yourself grounded When dating a sailor, it is necessary to have an open mind.The conventional image of a sailor is that of a rough-hewn guy who drinks as hard as he swears.

I wake up and feel for both phones, yes two phones one where he e-mails me from and one he can call. He works nights and with the time difference we are now on the same schedule. I force myself out of bed and it’s the start of the day that I feel like I keep repeating over and over.Dating a sailor has been the subject of romantic daydreams for hundreds of years, and it’s easy to see why.People in the Navy have that special air of mystery that comes from travelling around the world by boat, and of course they’re doing a very important and brave job so they’re often considered to be heroes.Therefore not just that they are physically smart but mentally intelligent too.Where there looks can make your heart skip a beat, their mental smartness can make you go awe for them.

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Also if you are keen to meet a sailor, make it a point to attend Fleet Week celebrations or other Navy-based military events where you can come across handsome men in uniform.

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