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I wanted a man in my life to share the housekeeping, maintenance and expenses. These internet-based services grew into a billion-dollar industry. Today, Online Dating Magazine estimates there are more than 2,500 online dating services in the U. alone, with an additional 1,000 cropping up every year. Look at Modern Family’s Jay, played by the talented and funny Ed O’Neill – not exactly someone who would inspire women to immediately click on his profile. All I possessed was a box filled with photocopies of the profiles of men I had dated, with little notes attached. In the novel, one of the characters, Missi, is unexpectedly dumped by her husband and has to face the daunting prospect of dating again in midlife. I began online dating in my forties, at a time when it was considered creepy and for losers.We shall see where the relationship goes :-)” Carol C.How much fun it was to have you come over and help me Finally Get Rid of the clothes that don't actually flatter me (I'm not a pack rat, I just didn't honestly have a fashion sense!

So much baggage, I’m surprised my first date didn’t show up at the bar accompanied by three bellboys.

In those days, I had a couple of ways to approach it.

I’d either play it cool, like James Dean, and act so indifferent that she couldn’t resist. By that, I mean I was funny and charming and tossed out great one-liners.

Yes, I know, dating in midlife wasn’t something you’d been planning a decade or so ago, right? We can either get excited about the possibilities or remain sceptical and negative about the whole thing.

Many people roll up, write a half-hearted profile, find a couple of blurry photos, join a dating site, sit back and hope for the best. Have you ever asked yourself the question, ‘what do I really want? Are you online dating because some friends said you should give it a go or maybe because it’s kind of expected as a way to show you’re through your divorce or break up?

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Our values guide us in life, they are the qualities that define us.

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