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“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” An iconic woman in so many ways, Coco Chanel’s words and influence continue to shape every aspect of style and fashion for women worldwide, especially when it comes to jewelry and accessories. One of the revolutionary designer’s most famous quotes is all about accessories.Sometimes less is more, sometimes more is a bit much, but one thing is for sure… “Costume jewelry is not made to give women an aura of wealth, but to make them beautiful.” Coco Chanel believed that if women could afford to choose from a selection of beautiful jewelry, not all precious stones, they would have the freedom to accessorize every outfit they have.The price can vary from 7 and ,900 based on the condition, age, materials and aesthetic value for a specific Chanel Jewelry & Watches.Nowadays you can find just about anything online—hard to find vintage jewelry included.

These classic Double C earrings are vintage Chanel, made in France.

Every Hermes item is handmade and therefore has its own intricacies based on the craftsman and leather. The list shows the year made, and the letter that would be stamped on the bag based on that year.

Each Hermes item will be embossed with the logo stamping in the natural, gold or silver with Hermes Paris logo. At the top of every list is the shape that the letter would be framed inside.

This is because a few years down the road, this highly coveted Art Deco jewelry will be considered “antique.” Therefore, it will garner an even a higher price than it already does today.) Vintage jewelry is anything younger than one hundred years but not less than ten years older than today’s date.

For example, necklaces from 1915 through 2004 can be considered “vintage” in 2014.

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