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Entre sus papeles en el cine destacan su interpretación del pintor Van Gogh en El loco del pelo rojo y Espartaco de Stanley Kubrick.

Sus padres eran judíos rusos, origen que le produjo no pocos inconvenientes dentro y fuera de su profesión. Después de graduarse se marchó a Nueva York, donde consiguió una beca en la Academia Nortemericana de Arte Dramático, lugar en el que permaneció hasta 1939, con 23 años de edad.

Detailed analysis of CD8 responses in one such person who underwent treatment of acute infection followed by reexposure to HIV-1 through supervised treatment interruptions (STI) revealed recognition of only two cytotoxic T-lymphocyte (CTL) epitopes during symptomatic acute infection.

HIV-1-specific CD8 T-cell responses broadened significantly during subsequent exposure to the virus, ultimately targeting 27 distinct CTL epitopes, including 15 different CTL epitopes restricted by a single HLA class I allele (HLA-A3).

In this study, HIV-1-specific CD8 T-cell responses in 18 acutely infected individuals expressing HLA-A3 and/or -B7 were characterized.

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gene of ES which surprisingly was mostly due to synonymous mutations rather than non-synonymous mutation in targeted CTL epitopes.

There was no evidence of discordance in this epitope in ES7 and ES9 or at the other 2 HLA-B*57 restricted epitopes in any patient, but we continued to see a previously described escape mutation (Q107R) in an undefined epitope in plasma clones in ES3 (KG15, Nef 105-119) []. While there was discordance between plasma and proviral clones at both early and late time points, there did not appear to be significant evolution in any of the epitopes in either compartment over a 6 year period. The date of sample acquisition and number of clones that are identical to the displayed sequences are noted.

The HLA-B*57-restricted epitope YT9 (Nef 120-128) and the undefined epitope KG15 (nef 105-119) in ES3 are denoted by empty boxes outlined in blue and yellow respectively.

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