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She changed her entire life for him but in the end, she wasn’t the woman he would marry.Erica is still hurting, she quit Love and Hip Hop and relocate to Atlanta with her son to marry Bow Wow but her actions on social media destroyed them as well as Erica fighting with Bow’s baby mama.Erica returned to Seattle Grace once again to perform a heart transplant on a father with his brain dead daughter's heart, as Burke wasn't around to do it anymore.

These species-rich groups present us with a rich and powerful source of data for bettering our understanding of the origins of biological diversity: we can analyse numerous speciation events in comparable biological systems within evolutionarily recent, and hence more tractable, timescales.Erica wears her heart on her sleeves, she gets infatuated with a man or a woman extremely quick.I get so confused when a woman is with a man, then when she is tired of the man, she gets with a woman and then back to a man.The disproportionate species richness of the world’s biodiversity hotspots could be explained by low extinction (the evolutionary “museum”) and/or high speciation (the “hot-bed”) models.We test these models using the largest of the species rich plant groups that characterise the botanically diverse Cape Floristic Region (CFR): the genus species (of which 690 are endemic to the CFR), and use this to estimate clade ages (using RELTIME; BEAST), net diversification rates (GEIGER), and shifts in rates of diversification in different areas (BAMM; Mu SSE).

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