Dating in the dark after the show

” “How will a new generation of young viewers and daters react to this classic looks vs personality dilemma?,” added ITV’s factual commissioner Satmohan Panesar.“For an Instagram generation, the question is perhaps more interesting than ever, and we’re really excited to be bringing Selina Chignall joins the realscreen team as a staff writer.Prior to working with rs, she covered lobbying activity at Hill Times Publishing.Hailing from Dutch prodco Talpa Media, the format has been sold to more than 20 territories across the globe, including to the U. on ABC (pictured) from 2009 to 2010 and in Australia on Fox8.

And if you believe that, then here's another one: Pauly Shore will be cast as Hamlet in a new feature film adaptation from director Steven Spielberg.Stephen takes it to the next level when he's later in the dark with Christina. Allister, a 29-year-old bloke from Britain, is a deejay with a sob story."I'm a very big believer in pheromones," he tells her. His mum supposedly left Allister and his twin brother when they were very young.Your host is Rossi Morreale, whose first TV credit was as a contestant on Fox's Temptation Island. The isle here is a pitch dark room in which six human lab rats, equally split by gender, congregate to answer the age-old question, "Is love blind? And other than the expense of infrared cameras, this is a very low overhead exercise. A voluble 27-year-old Australian named Leni, who works as a nanny, quickly makes two references to what she believes are her awesome "boobs." Seth, a 31-year-old audio visual designer, feels compelled to ask rhetorically, "Am I a 10? Stephen, a 31-year-old SAT tutor and self-described genius, detects a "little bit of ketoacidosis" in Leni's sweat.There's no prize money, no lovely parting gifts, not even a year's supply of Rice-A-Roni. Christina, 28, a marketing manager, exclaims, "Oops, he's got pit stains" after whiffing Seth's shirt.

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explores looks versus personality in a series of brilliant moments that keep you watching until the big decision at the end.

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