Dating milk glass

Exact period of use is uncertain, but verified on base of cobalt Milk of Magnesia bottle from circa 1950 (see next entry).

Mosser Glass Company, Cambridge, Ohio (1971-to date ).

Research Anchor Hocking glassware to become familiar with the types of glassware and patterns the company produced, and the markings it used on its products.

The maker's mark changed over time, which can be a helpful in identifying Anchor Hocking glassware and the approximate manufacture date.

MAINE, with number and/or letters & the word SEAL, on milk bottles ) ..

(Thanks to Glen Phillips and Eric Kloff for their help and research !

During this period, Westmoreland produced virtually every type of glassware, from inexpensive pressed glass to pricier cut glass.

But it was milk glass that kept the company in the black.

Phillips milk of magnesia was apparently made over quite a long period. These machine made bottles date to the 1930's thru 1950's. 21 05 - Phillips ' Milk of Magnesia is a widely recognized, used and accepted over . I have found a Phillips MOM bottle , was wondering the date of it.

17 08 - Phillips ' Milk of Magnesia bottles have been around for a long time--since 1873-- and are exceedingly common. Vintage Antique Valentine's Meat Juice Medicine Bottle 3" amber brown. Cobalt Blue Medicine Genuine Phillips Milk of Magnesia Bottle ~~ vintage . Vintage Phillip's Milk of Magnesia Cobalt Blue Glass Bottle Dated ~ AUG 21, 1906 Vintage Phillip's Milk of Magnesia . we are frequently finding milk of magnesia and other bottles on the Eastern .

A general rule of thumb in dating these bottles , as there seems to be no. 2009 - I have a Phillips milk of magnesia bottle can you work out the date from the numbers on the base the bottle I have has reads K928 USA 90 do. speed dating večer Happy Asian couple smiling Rychloseznamka jen ze zvědavosti Speed dating v Praze je zábava a.

Phillips invented " Milk of Magnesia ", a laxative, in 1873.

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