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Originally a geologist by training, I now work as a museum professional.My passion is old photographs, the photographers who took them, the equipment and technologies they used, the people and scenes in the photos, and the stories behind them.To put it into context, if we were a band we’d be AC/DC, The Beatles or the Ramones; we wouldn’t be Westlife or an X Factor winner.We’re far more artistic rather than manufactured and bland.The happy couple in this postcard portrait are unidentified, but they also appear in a group wedding portrait, below, that was part of the same e Bay purchase, taken by Derby photographer H. From a brief researching of his cap badge and collar dogs, I think he must have been serving with the Royal Engineers.The back of the postcard is of an unusual, but generic, "K" Kodak design dating from the late 1930s (Playle's list has a similar example from 1936) with Hawke's stamp at upper left indicating that he was operating from 19 Chestnut Avenue, Derby.Picture inquiries are handled individually and confidentially by email or occasionally in person, if a complete photograph album or fragile pictures are involved.

But is not the photographer as much as the subjects of these wedding group portraits that interest me this week.

Here are some steps Barbara can take to make the most of the few clues she's starting with.1. My book Family Photo Detective helps you "read" clothing clues to date old photos. She should list the places (including towns, if possible), where the family might have lived.3. The closest US census to the date of this image is 1900.

Using the advanced search features on genealogy websites such as and My Heritage, you can search records in a specific place with just a last name, or without any name at all.

Jayne Shrimpton MA, photo dating expert and dress historian, offers a professional service to individuals and organisations wishing to date old photographs and artworks.

She works mainly with family historians, dating old photos, carte de viste cards, postcards, cabinet cards and analysing family pictures, but also helps institutions and groups who would like to date an old photo or understand their vintage image collection.

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If you’re busy planning your big day you’ll know just how important finding a wedding photographer is.

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