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This is a 3-band musket which has a bbl of over 42&quo ... This gun is a light weight fowler exhibiting all of the usual features for a trade musket. Click for more info It measures 49-1/2" overall with a 30" barrel going from octangle to round barrel While as you can find them, the ones more collectible are the ones that have been in Native American hands s ... Barrel marks appear to be ' THT'; barrel and lockplate area are a dark brown color, brass triggerguard and ramrod furniture, forearm tip is lead, rifle buttplate mi ... 30" oct bbl with blade front sight, sporting rear sight and extra breech sight dovetail. Antique - can be shipped directly unless prohibited by l ... The British sent these all over the world to tr ... There is a connectivity error with Paypal and the site Thank you from the management Greatings!

These arms are generally poor quality rifles and muskets very loosely based on British military arms from the 1810 to 1880s.Click for more info This double rifle is equipped with 38-1/2" Damascus steel bbls. Very simple front and rear sights made out of brass. Nickel forend cap, wedge plates, sideplate, trigger guard, toe plate, palm plate and patch box ni ... Percussion Musket Made in Liege, Belgium circa the 1840s Here we present an antique L. Percussion Musket, made circa the 1840s in Liege, ... Click for more info This is a heavy bbl percussion target rifle in 40 cal. Click for more info New York State Target rifle by W. Click for more info CIVIL WAR Antique AUSTRIAN Lorenz .58 Rifle Musket Imported to Both North & South for American Civil War Here we present an antique Lorenz Rifle Musket, made circa 1854 in Austria. Click for more info BRITISH Antique BRUNSWICK Percussion Musket Made circa the 1840s w Two Groove Rifling Here we present an antique British Brunswick Percussion Rifle Musket, made circa the 1840s, almost certain ... Click for more info AUSTRIAN Antique Model 1842 Percussion Musket With Unit Markings on the Butt Plate Here we present an antique Austrian Model 1842 Percussion Musket, made circa the 1840s. Click for more info US CIVIL WAR Antique Prussian Model 1809 Musket Made in Neisse in 1840 & Sold to Union circa 1861 Here we present an antique Prussian Model 1809 Smooth Bore Percussion Musket, made in 1840 ... Click for more info Gwynn and Campbell Type II Saddle Ring Carbine. Markings on top of the bbl are "Wesson & Prescott North Borough Mass. Two Rifles, late 19th century, including an English example with engraved lockplate, dolphin-form percussion hammer, crosshatch-carved stock, and wooden ramrod; and a breech-loading rifle marked More ... John Davis Edgell (1836-1917), Gardner, Massachusetts, including his dark blue wool 53rd Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment nine button officer's frock More ...Three Pistols, 19th century, the first a flintlock with brass barrel, marked "E/Joseph/&Co.," and flat bag-shape grip; the second a flintlock with octagonal barrel, engraved designs, and flat More ...

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