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“The proposals should then be firmed up and formally adopted in Dublin.

Don't Tell the Bride returned to our screens last night and it couldn't have had a better start.

Cambodia, overall, is probably the most sexually conservative society in the Mekong Delta region.

Ironically, Cambodia is one of the easiest places imaginable to get laid for a foreigner, both male and female.

It is extremely rare for a Cambodian man and woman to show any kind of affection in public, and you will almost never see a couple holding hands.

Romantic love as a concept is not very well developed in a country where the vast majority of marriages are arranged.

The handover agreement and processes will feature on the Dublin meeting’s agenda.

On the agenda are a range of critical topics that should make this meeting a particularly important one, Sahel says.

The Dublin meeting, which will be held October 18th-22nd in the Convention Centre, is expected to produce an agreed proposal on one of the most hotly disputed topics in the organisation’s history: how the governance and control of a key element of ICANN will be formally broadened to become a more global organisation.

This is not the first time sewage has caused the closure of bathing areas at Sandymount.

In July 2014, sewage spilled onto the strand and contaminated the water, putting the beach off-limits to swimmers. An emergency overflow facility in the local drainage network was activated, which caused the flow of sewage to the beach.

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More recently, there was another bathing prohibition put in place at Sandymount Strand in August last year.

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