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I often had to adjust so that they didn’t pop out too much.

The boobs also made me wonder if the reason why more men took my class was about how I looked vs.

Breast implants are bags of silicone gel or saline that cosmetic surgeons implant behind existing breast tissue or above the breast muscle in order to enhance or enlarge a woman's breasts.

There are three basic types of breast implant surgery: augmentation, revision, and reconstruction and the reasons for the surgery are as myriad as the individual.

Implants have been subject to most of the controversy surrounding cosmetic and breast reconstructive surgery as well as the center of numerous lawsuits--particularly if the implant broke or illness resulted from the breakage.

Although many cosmetic surgeons regard silicone gel implants as safe, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) deems the implants suitable only in certain reconstructive conditions and by informed consent.

Even my favorite small-chested bombshells are going under the knife: Iggy Azalea, and allegedly Kate Hudson, too.

The site comprises three groups: the ‘ladies’ who are seeking surgery, ‘benefactors’ - typically men - who pay money to chat and see photos of the women, and surgeons who are paid directly by the site and perform the surgery once women’s targets have been reached.Some women choose augmentation because they are unsatisfied with their breast size or shape and simply want to look better in their clothing.Some believe that it will help their self-esteem, making them feel better about themselves.Breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure, while breast reconstruction is a medical issue procedure, rebuilding breasts after cancer, illness, or injury.Breast revision adjusts existing implants from either augmentation or reconstructive surgery.

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