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The Secret Service scandal doesn't surprise me, having had my own sketchy hookup with an agent. I would see how many drinks I could get a man to buy me and my friends…

When news of the Secret Service sex scandal broke in 2012, many were shocked that men assigned to protect our nation's leaders would behave as anything but complete gentlemen. I, too, had hooked up with a Secret Service agent once upon a time—and it was also sketchy. I was a recently-turned 24-year-old who had just moved back to Arlington, Virginia, after a bad breakup with a dashing Australian. and then see how fast I could slip away before he noticed. Not for sex, but for a laugh, a drink, or—in the case of the Secret Service agent—a free ride home.

He was often late for our dates, or cancelled altogether.

He was constantly apologising for having to take calls, or for failing to show up with no good explanation.

But obviously, there's a lot of practice with guns, including revolvers, shotguns, and Uzis, a weapon the Secret Service still legitimately uses, according to Emmett.

Agents must also be able to jump in and out of the president's follow-up car while it's moving.

You go over and over it in your head so that when it happens, you just do it. Let me just tell you, the fear of failing your fellow agents is far, far worse than the stress of "Wow I'm standing a foot away from the most powerful man on earth, I may become a casualty of war here." It is a brotherhood, and the stress of failing your fellow agents is the worst part.It's actually pretty awesome, especially if the one you know is one of those protecting the president or his wife or children.They are careful about what type of information they divulge but if they are, say, your brother - in-law and it's Christmas Eve dinner, you're going to hear some great stories and you'll know not to share them because you don't want them to lose their job.He was quiet but pleasant and in no way rude, and his family was wonderful. You almost want to look to them in a robotic fashion and not get emotionally involved.Then when President Obama came in, he was clearly as new to Secret Service protection as you could get. " I remember one time he told me he liked my suit and asked me for my tailor, and I thought that was kind of funny. My scariest moment was with Mr Obama in Afghanistan, an active war zone. That fence has been there since 1965 and no one has ever got into the White House.

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For one thing, presidential protection is only part of their job description. Using books written by actual agents ( more than run laps to qualify.

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