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C2 Media Corp is a global leading provider of business development and lead generation services.

Founded by a team with expertise in diversified verticals covering dating, home services, education and healthcare sectors, C2 provides business development and lead generation services by managing an extensive, reliable and trusted network of Affiliates and Publishers worldwide.

The team at C2 sought an automated solution that would reduce their workload, increase efficiencies and be able to track multiple events within a single sales conversion.

C2 selected the CAKE platform because of its ability to automate and simplify many aspects of the affiliate campaign management process, as well as track multiple events along a consumer’s conversion journey.

Specifically, C2 wanted to place a pixel on a series of events within the same campaign and attribute each step individually to quantify the performance of each contributor.

CAKE’s unique Step Pixel feature offered a solution, allowing C2 to track multiple touch points along the path to a conversion in order to understand the impact of each and provide structured payouts to affiliates.

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Founded last year by serial entrepreneur Craig Stack, the company is currently rolling out beta tests of its technology for insurance, online dating, home rental, car rental, classified ad and beauty companies. Investors include former Thomson Financial Chief Executive Jeffrey Parker, Platinum Technology Founder Andrew Filipowski and Harvard Business School professor and venture capitalist William Sahlman.cut a very casual figure in a sweatshirt and jeans and ditched the makeup, with her hair pulled back off her face into a low ponytail.Orpheus wore a long-sleeve white shirt with jeans and leather lace-ups.Using this feature, C2 now has better insight into what’s working and what’s not, allowing them to isolate and fix problems without disrupting an entire campaign.They can also more easily identify and reward high performing affiliates.

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