Does my computer keep updating shut down

Please tell me what may be the problem and how to rectify it Regards Harini A lot of people here concerned about CPU temperature – yes they DO get hot! Some people here seem to have almost rebuilt their computer to solve this shut-down problem!

However, it has happened to me a number of times lately and here was my cause and my solutions: POSSIBLE CAUSE: I was running Advanced System Care, which apparently runs in the background and continuously scrubs the registry for junk files.

I say "game enough" to browse them only because some of them can give you spyware or worse.

by Bob Rankin Does your Windows system seem to run slower than it should, even after running maintenance programs such as Advanced System Care or Privazer? Does it stall during a restart, forcing you to shut off power and restart manually?

Hello, I have my PC with Configuration Processor : p4 Motherboard : Intel Ram 256MB Whenever I Switch On or Power ON my Computer, It boots and Displays Intel Pentium 4 (as usual) and after 2/3 minutes it automatically shut down and again when I starts or Power on my PC, it starts and shut down automatically after 2/3 minutes. Yes, a faulty PS can cause problems but you can check the voltages by going into the system parameters during start up.The only way to get it to shut down is to hold the physical power button down till it shuts down.”In this case, when you “shut down” the computer in the normal way, namely the start menu, your PC screen will turn to black, but the keyboard and the power indicator lights are still on, and the CPU fan still produces noise for a long time.This indicates that the machine doesn’t shut down completely.SOLUTION: I ran CCleaner to clean up these junk files.My system shut down again this morning and I ran this cleaner utility and it found and deleted 55.3 Megabytes of junk files from the registry.

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It's possible that in the BIOS settings, "wake on LAN" is enabled.

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