Elizabeth moss dating justin timberlake and scarlett johansson dating

But we can do it, a little at a time, a quick move of the head, up and down, to the side and back. I hang out with my family and I have, like, three friends.

We have learned to see the world in gasps.”- Offred 📷@reedmorano #costumefitting #Handmaids Tale –EM @elisabethmossofficial A post shared by The Handmaid's Tale (@handmaidsonhulu) on , Moss says that, while she normally doesn’t go out much, especially on nights before she has to film, she decided to hit the town the night of the election to celebrate what was expected to be a historic event in American history. And I went out because I thought we were gonna have the first female president, and I wanted to be out for that.

Facing a plunging birth rate, the fundamentalist regime treats women as property of the state and, as one of the few remaining fertile women, Moss's character is ritualistically raped in an attempt to help repopulate the world.

The series navigates between Offred's life as a Handmaid for Commander Waterford, played by Fiennes, and her life before the regime took over.

The series, based on the book by the same name from Margaret Atwood, features a talented cast, hauntingly good cinematography, and, of course, a story that never fails to give us chills, the latter of which is particularly disturbing today in the current political climate.

I'm not generally prone to feeling star struck, but this is different. In a stroke of good luck for her and for Hulu, and bad luck for democracy everywhere, Donald Trump's apocalyptic presidency has coincided with the release of the TV adaptation of Margaret Atwood's required-reading dystopian novel , which Moss stars in and also executive produced.

And as the show's first season draws to a close, the news cycle continues to produce eerie parallels between current reality and the bleak future the show depicts.

I took it personally in a way that I perhaps would not have if it wasn’t November 8th.

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA - AUGUST 27: Actors Jon Hamm (L) and Elisabeth Moss attend the 2010 Entertainment Weekly and Women In Film Pre-Emmy party sponsored by L'Oreal Paris at Restaurant at The Sunset Marquis Hotel on August 27, 2010 in West Hollywood, California.

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