Esfp dating intj

ESFPs are all about living in the moment and enjoying life to the fullest.More than any other type, ESFPs are most in touch with the here and now.‘Outgoing, friendly and accepting’ is how the official Myers-Briggs website describes the ESFP personality type.The exuberance that these people bring in their relationships makes them warm and energetic partners.

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Being naturally drawn to people, ESFPs are warm and friendly without any hidden agenda.

Being capable of understanding and meeting emotional needs of other people is one of the ESFP’s greatest gifts. Because they are so people-oriented, they want to impress others with their clothes, cars, homes, pictures of exotic vacations posted on social media.

As an ENTP, INTJs are my “Power Pair,” and there’s no doubt that I’ve found myself surrounded by them my entire life.

I’ve lived with them, worked with them, fought with them, coached them, made love to and been rendered jelly while kissing them… For all of my experience with INTJs, there are a couple of crucial components without which I don’t think you can really understand this type: 1) An INTJ is almost invariably smarter than the vast majority of people in analytical, existential, and linguistic intelligence.

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Another interesting characteristic of ESFPs is that they insist on focusing on positive and may sometimes even deny any negative information, even when it’s obvious ( As other extroverted sensors, ESFPs focus on the here and now.

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