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rajat: i was kidding auntykalpana: nothing when are you getting marriedrajat: hahaharajat: not yetrajat: so aunty lets chjat som thng naughtyrajat: atleast tell me wat to do after marriagekalpana: whykalpana: what is your age nowrajat: 23kalpana: i think you know better than merajat: y?

rajat: how will i know auntyrajat: i'm a small cute sweet innocent boykalpana: you seem to know betterkalpana: do u have any girl firendrajat: no auntykalpana: whyrajat: aise hirajat: u there nakalpana: so you won't marry at allrajat: wasit 2 minskalpana: okrajat: ya sexyrajat: i'rajat: will marry bt after ii know from u everythng abt marriagekalpana: at what age will you marryrajat: 27kalpana: so after 4 yearsrajat: yaaaarajat: aunty….i wana know abt my penis…rajat: would u comment somemthng abt itk alpana: okrajat: how is it in frst lookrajat: frst tell whn its smallestrajat: u seen its whn nt erect n very tinyrajat: how it lookskalpana: why is it goodrajat: how is itkalpana: it is good thick, but length wise it is not so bigkalpana: but it is so thickrajat: okkalpana: looks goodrajat: okkkrajat: how is tipkalpana: soo good i liked itrajat: okkkrajat: accha how u felt while u were seing itrajat: honestkalpana: i felt a bit hotrajat: okkkkrajat: how is my asskalpana: finerajat: okkkrajat: u said its ;like a rod? rajat: auntyyrajat: kahan ho auntyyyy…bolorajat: mere penis ko andar hi phanse ke kahan chali gayi……rajat: bolo aunty…penis phanse hua hai aapke sacred hole mein….

rajat: ykalpana: it is so thickrajat: okkkrajat: so aunrty can u take iasily in ur both holesrajat: bolo na auntykalpana: yes but i dont take in the other holerajat: okkkkkalpana: it pains a lotrajat: okkrajat: is my penis eough for ur holeskalpana: whatrajat: is my penis enough to satisfy ukalpana: is it okrajat: okkrajat: n ho abt ur cousinkalpana: i can tak with painrajat: abt her holes…mine enough n cn she take easily in her both holeskalpana: oh she is youngrajat: so …kalpana: she has a beautiful figurerajat: okkkkrajat: so cn she take mine in her both holeskalpana: she does not like taking about sexrajat: okkrajat: bt wat u thinkrajat: cn she take mine in her both holeskalpana: i dont know, i think urs is too big for hererajat: okkkrajat: for her choot?

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