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“Further, since you've spent enough time with him to know his tone and language enough, you might even notice a lack of enthusiasm in his words.”This means if your guy was super chatty and attentive before, and you find that his energy and personality are quite different now, it's a good sign that he might be ghosting you.“After having spent some time with him, you may have an idea of how he describes things.If he's giving an excuse and the detail seems too elaborate, there's a chance he's blowing you off,” Edwards explains. If a guy honestly needs to reschedule, he'll be short, too the point, and not dramatic about it, because he knows he'll be seeing you again soon. I took a little hiatus from the blog because between Father's Day (which is always a tough day), Full Figured Fashion Week and the end of the school year, things got pretty hectic! After my last relationship, I decided I needed a time out.Since then, I have been reflecting on many things in my life and am excited for what's to come. I needed to reflect on why I was choosing the same kind of man and ending up with the same result. But I think we rushed things and we ended up in different places.One of the best lessons I have learned in my life is that time is valuable.So for me to jump into a relationship out the gate and rush things is only going to waste my time in the end if it doesn't work out because I would have invested years in someone that I wasn't meant to be with.Guys usually aren't huge fans of “complexity,” according to Edwards, so if his excuses are legit, they'll usually be simple.“If something happened and he had to bail on hanging out with you, there's a simple reason he'll be more than willing to share,” he says. But if he's ghosting you, you might get a novel of an excuse, and then never hear from him again.When people are lying, they tend to make up overly dramatic and complicated stories that usually don't make a lot of sense or have large, gaping plot holes. So if you think the guy you've been seeing might be ghosting you, take out this handy dandy guide and try to figure it out.

Fashion is art; that way of expression without having to say a thing.During my time out, I realized that: 1) I wasn't ready for love to come into my life because I had some issues within myself that I needed to work on. If there isn't a strong foundation, love won't survive.You have to take your time and get to know someone. A person can put on their best face to give off a great first impression but sooner or later, shades of their real selves will appear.Edwards says that while it can be confusing to figure out if you're being ghosted, the first step to figuring it out is by simplifying the conversation and looking for subtle differences in tone, rate, or other cues.“If he's ghosting, it starts with his response rate being dramatically slower.Usually, his responses go from longer to much shorter, to even one word,” Edwards says.

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And that's not to say that couples who meet and immediately hit off don't have a chance.

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