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Union HRD Minister Smriti Irani lodged a complaint with the Goa Police on Friday after spotting a camera allegedly pointing towards the trial room at a Fabindia outlet in Candolim.

Local BJP MLA Michael Lobo, who was called to the spot by Irani, claimed the camera was installed four months ago and had recorded several people, including Irani, trying on clothes inside the changing room.

In Italy, where wine is just as much a part of the culinary routine as in France, officials submitted to the Iranian leader’s demands and did not serve wine at Monday's state dinner.

Italian officials also covered up several nude statues with large boxes at Rome’s Campidoglio museum to protect the Islamic Republic visitors from gazing at artists’ renderings of the human form.

“The lens could be adjusted and I feel somebody intentionally directed it to point inside the trial room.

We have learnt that the camera was installed four months ago and has recorded many other women clients,” he added.

The police have arrested four employees of the garment store.

"This isn't respect, it's canceling out differences and it's a kind of surrender."Rome City Councilman Gianluca Peciola started an online petition demanding that Renzi explain "a disgraceful decision which is a mortification of art and culture as universal values."The Iranian president did get a formal welcome Thursday from Hollande at the gold-domed Invalides monument where Napolean is buried.

Judicial Magistrate Dwaja Patkar, before whom the four were produced after their arrest last evening, granted them bail and rejected Goa Crime branch's application for their custody.

The Magistrate, in her order, said, "no grounds were made by Investigating Officer for custodial interrogation of the accused".

French President François Hollande decided having wine with lunch is more important than breaking bread with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani during an official visit to Paris.

Hollande scrapped Thursday's lunch at the Élysée Palace after Rouhani had asked for a halal menu in keeping with his Muslim faith, and that also meant no wine at the table during his first visit as president to the City of Light.“It is not the halal which was a problem but the wine,” France's ambassador to the United States, Gérard Araud, said on Twitter.

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A local court in Goa granted bail to all four employees of a Fabindia outlet, who were arrested after Union Minister Smriti Irani spotted a hidden camera trained towards its trial room.

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