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"Somebody turned to me and said, 'That's not good'.I didn't truly hear what Jack had said, but I knew that it wasn't good by the reaction of everybody else." Mc Crimmon, the first woman to command a Canadian Forces flying squadron, said she experienced vulgarity and sexism during her time in the military.

Typically, conservatives are painted as anti-science, with some studies suggesting their mistrust of science is increasing.Liberals, on the other hand, are usually assumed to be more receptive to science in general and more supportive of using science to shape policy.Noting that party affiliation is different than political ideology – not everyone who identifies as liberal is a Democrat and not everyone who identifies as conservative is a Republican – these characterizations certainly seem to be true when we look at major leaders of the political parties.Carp Fair board president Ron Bidgood said he was preparing his own speech when he realized Mac Laren had stopped speaking."There was no applause, there was nothing, he just sat down," he said.

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