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Nearly every day since the end of January, people have come forward to report cases of sexual abuse by Catholic priests in the nation. The scandal took a new turn Friday, when news broke that 30 years ago, Pope Benedict XVI -- who was an archbishop at the time -- approved providing a priest accused of child sex abuse church accommodations in his diocese so the priest could undergo therapy.The German diocese of Munich and Freising said in a statement Friday that the man who is today the pope was involved in the decision.

This means that asylum seekers are 15x as likely to be sex crime suspects as Germans, even disregarding the fact that many of these “Germans” are actually Turks and Arabs with bits of paper that say they are German.

According to Dolinsek trafficking victims are “turned down” by the Police, and are often told they “are not victims enough: Further, “the German state hasn't had anything to offer.

Victims’ rights are a very low priority and only in August 2015 did the German government ease barriers for victims of trafficking to access their rights." Trafficking is not Migration Nearly 2/3rds of German sex workers are migrant sex workers.

" Concerns were most recently raised by parents at a primary school in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin.

"Where Do You Come From" was first issued in 1991 by the German publishing house Loewe Verlag.

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