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The Dimona community believes vegans can live forever.

But even unbelievers will see a kind of revelation in their divine toffees, wonderful whole wheat pasta, and a whole range of other artisanal food products.

Further, drowning in the Red Sea was the easy way out.

It was far more humiliating for Thutmoses III to have to travel back to a destroyed Egypt WITHOUT his army to face his people.

Some of the arguments would be:1) Scriptural evidence that the ancient Hebrews were darker skinned peoples based on biblical accounts of the founding father of the Hebrew nation and their marriage patterns, multiple accounts of the inability to discern between Hebrews and Egyptians, etc.,2) Archaeological evidence based on Assyrian and Egyptian art that we have today that the ancient Hebrews had some physical characteristics that would be described as African in nature -- supported by modern forensic anthropology: see ,3) Historical evidence that a subset of the ancient Hebrew peoples ventured into and settled in sub-Saharan Africa based on the accounts of Josephus and other figures from the Roman and later periods; these peoples migrated into Africa in various waves - after the Exodus, after the Assyrian captivity, after the Roman persecution, during the Spanish reconquista, etc.4) Historical evidence from medieval authors documenting multiple Jewish kingdoms in sub-Saharan Africa prior to the rise and spread of Islam in the period from about 700CE onward,5) Geographic evidence of associations with Jewish culture and Hebrew origin through various place names in Western Africa that match historical Hebrew place names; e.g., Kingdom of Juda(h), where multiple relevant place names are found in close proximity,6) Genetic evidence of Hebrew origin in various African tribes (not just Ethiopian); most famously the Lemba (who have a higher concentration of the so-called Cohen Modal Haplotype - CMH - than any modern Jewish population), but others as well, supported by the oral traditions and customs of the peoples in question,7) Genetic evidence that all modern Jewish populations have a 3-5 percent sub-Saharan African origin with their DNA that traces back approximately 72 generations (see ),8) Scriptural passages that are especially meaningful if viewed from the perspective of a certain and specific group of people; here I'm referring most famously to Deuteronomy 28 and its graphic (and very specific) descriptions of slavery and other afflictions that would befall the descendants of Israel, and9) Geographic evidence that both Egypt and Israel are technically part of the African Continent, and were cleverly excised into a new geographical area called the "Middle East" by the West for cultural, economic and political reasons (see ).

Based on all of this, the synopsis of the Hebrew Israelites' argument would be that black Africans have always been a part of the Hebrew nation and migrated from Northeast Africa into sub-Saharan Africa in multiple waves over many centuries.

The Black Hebrew Israelite movement has infiltrated black communities on the basis of two principal claims: (1) All African Americans biologically descend from the ancient Hebrews, and (2) The means of salvation for African Americans is obedience to the Law of Moses.

Although Black Hebraism addresses important issues in black communities, their worldview has no foundation in history or Scripture.

But these very fields can lead students beyond the mesmerizing appeal of shallow entertainment and mere technical knowledge to the kind of deep understanding, wisdom, and clear moral vision that characterizes the best of our leaders and citizens.

Modern novels, movies, magazines, and television programs which fantasize and glorify the notion of “romantic love” are describing a type of ideal relationship that may exist in literary form or in the poetic imagination, but which bears very little resemblance to what love is all about in the everyday world of real life.

People who read love stories or watch television programs should realize that while courtship, chivalry, romance and passion do play their separate and respective roles in the dramatic awakening and eventual attainment of satisfaction in love, these are all elements in a process, but they do not by any means add up to the whole of the love experience.

An experience of intellectual doubt is often taken by Christians to be a sign of weak faith.

When treated properly, however, an encounter with doubt is extremely valuable, since it can lead to knowledge and an even greater faith.

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With all the factual errors in the classic 4 hour Hollywood movie, "THE TEN COMMANDMENTS" with Charlton Heston, the spectacular scene where Pharaoh army are drowned before his eyes and he drops his staff is exactly correct!

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