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The level of offense depends on your staff--it may take the form of offensive teasing about religious traditions, rude comments, offensive jokes or comments about sex, gender, background, race or affiliation.When employees feel offended or intimidated at work, their performance is likely to suffer; in extreme cases, they may quit or make legal claims against the company.Workplace intimidation, also known as workplace bullying, occurs when a superior, peer or subordinate uses violence or blackmail to manipulate you or intentionally creates feelings of fear, inadequacy or awe.

That’s not to say that there can’t be more obvious, physical bullying in work too.Harassment in the workplace is a serious issue for managers.A hostile work environment can have far-ranging effects for the business, from a drop in productivity to serious legal issues.Such behavior is destructive to the victim and the company.Your boss may be bullying you if he intentionally assigns you tasks that he knows you are unqualified to complete and constantly finds fault with your work.

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