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It’s a cliché that a hard-working player is the first one in the building and last to leave.

But Birk, another weight-room junkie, said it’s true with Oher. Mike busts his tail and that’s why he’s so successful. He’s constantly playing games with teammates in the locker room and often joking around with them.

“Once in a while I’ll beat him into the office and I’ll be like, ‘Hey Mike, you’re slipping man. It’s easy to root for a guy like that.” Oher likes to keep his head down and focus on football. Oher’s teammates described him as a laid-back guy who is easy to talk to.

He often says he’s just trying to get better every single day. “He’s a lot more confident, he’s way more intelligent than they portrayed him to be,” Osemele said.

was a college freshman when he saw “The Blind Side.” Like many people across the country, he formed an impression of Michael Oher, the main character portrayed in the blockbuster movie. “This may come as a shock, but they tend to embellish things in Hollywood,” center Matt Birk deadpanned.

But as Osemele quickly found out since moving into a nearby locker, that ain’t Michael Oher. “I can’t even imagine Mike being like the guy that they portrayed on the movie.” There will be millions of people watching Super Bowl XLVII who aren’t big football fans. “Real life Mike Oher is better.” In the movie, Oher is portrayed as somewhat slow-witted, lethargic and not athletic.

" She also added: "The past year being engaged to @cannon5smith has been the best one of my life, and I can't wait to celebrate many more cookie parties with you!

is now a freshman basketball walk-on at Loyola by Don Markus The relationship between Michael Oher and Sean Tuohy Jr.

has — like Tuohy himself — grown dramatically in the 10 years since Oher was brought by Tuohy’s family into their home in the leafy suburbs of Memphis.

"And for the people downstairs who are happy and had something to do with it downstairs, Karma’s a (blank)!!

" Oher's Panthers future remains uncertain as he awaits clearance from his 2016 concussion issues.

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