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But they were also used to try to bring misfortune – sometimes comically – to a foe.

A number of curse tablets previously found in Greece centred on court cases, often wishing that the opposing party fluffed their performance in court or collapsed.

She confirmed the bones date back hundreds of years.

IT may look like nothing more than a discarded fishing weight or leftover scrap from a DIY project...

JERSEY’S appeal to have their Uefa application considered by over 50 footballing nations will be heard by the Court of Arbitration for Sport on Wednesday 28 June.

Officials in Switzerland have summoned both parties following the European governing body’s decision to throw out Jersey’s bid for international football.

The faded brown parcel, which is folded at both ends, is believed to be a curse tablet – a means favoured by the Romans for either encouraging good fortune or heaping misery on an enemy.

Mr Bisson said that he hoped to see the excellent standard of recent years maintained.‘As ever we’re casting the net to find the best in local literary talent.

The standard for the past two years has been high, and once more the judges are looking forward to seeing what the Island’s short story writers have to offer.

Others penned by wives whose husbands had gone off with other women asked for their love rival’s hair to fall out, while some written by men wished for other men to suffer some form of problem with their sexual performance.

The tablet, discovered by metal detectorist Ken Rive in a secret field which has offered up other, yet to be publicly announced, items, is believed to be the first found in the Channel Islands.

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