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You may prefer to set your subscription to "digest" so that you can read the posts at your leisure. This will now allow members to do searches and also to manage their subscription very easily. In this situation (you changing it yourself), you must send the command from your old address and of course your new address must already be established) The purpose of the Epil-K9 list is to provide a clearing house for ideas and commentary on problems we face dealing with canine epilepsy.For those of you who are not members of Epil-K9 you can also join the list using this Web interface. COM *Never* send anything except correspondenceto EPIL-K9. It is not the function of the list and/or its owners to promote any veterinary practices, protocols or procedures.Gam Care does not endorse any particular software or supplier, and cannot be held responsible if there is a problem with the software you choose.If you search online you will find there are a few to choose from.

Today in Afghanistan there are approximately 700 Military Service Dogs fighting with and protecting our troops.They do everything from guarding posts and facilities to tracking the enemy to bomb detection and combat defense.In the Middle East, the dogs face far more formidable enemies than they ever have faced before*a vicious climate and a rugged terrain. But they keep on going with the care of their handlers.If you have now decided you want to avoid this in future, adding blocking software can help.If nothing else, it will give you thinking time when you have urges.

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