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And I’m sure there are other (mind-blowing) things that would be make a relationship of this sort both exciting and fascinating (maybe terrifying).Yet, from a male perspective, I feel like doing so would be a burden on your sanity.“Nobody really wants to date a porn star, stripper or escort.Also the whole family thing and having kids, I’m like ‘who’s gonna have kids with an ex-porn star,'” Belmond said, according to the Christian Post.♦ ♦ ♦ Ex-porn star Vanessa Belmond left behind a years-long career in adult entertainment, and is hoping to help others do the same.The 25-year-old, who performed under the name Alexa Cruz, has become an anti-pornography advocate to spread awareness of the dangers perpetuated by the adult film business.Formerly a computer programmer, the adult film actor and director got his entree to the porn world through a drinking buddy, who introduced him to Japanese porn mogul Ganari Takahashi, Vice reports.

And yet, she hoped it would somehow be like the Lana Del Rey song. The guy she was supposed to meet that day—the guy from Tinder, the dating app kids were using to hook up—“I know, like, five guys who’ve done it; girls use it too, but they pretend like they don’t”—he was cute and had tattoos on his arms. She “hearted” his picture, and within a few minutes he had hearted hers, and then they were instantly texting.“Ur hot,” he wrote. WHEELING IN THE BITCHES“Gotta wheel the bitches in.

Belmond is so devoted to the cause that she volunteers with Anti, a group that fights the porn industry.

In a profile published on the organization’s website, the former adult actress said that she started working in the industry when she was 18.

She decided to quit in March after she realized the emotional and physical toll the job was taking on her.

“I am now volunteering for Anti and supporting their vitally important mission by speaking out against the devastating harms of pornography, prostitution, stripping, and related forms of sexual exploitation and abuse,” she said.

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