Moroccan men dating black women

I explained her that I am African and that I am very well aware of the high rate of Moroccans using people living in the USA or other Western countries.

I said her that as Muslims I want the Quran to be the guaranty or kind of witness of our relationship.

Most Christian men aren't even religious, don't even go to church often, pray or anything, they are just Christians because of cultural tradition. I don't know if rules will ever change as they are made by people with their own agendas in mind.

I think it's sad when religion comes between people who love each other.

Morocco sits on the coast of North Africa, just across the Strait of Gibraltar from mainland Europe.

Thanks Ayy A Abdlruhman-Ali, glad you understand that only the low class girls (mean the poor girls) are into a marriage to khaleej men and yes it’s only because their poverty.Hello, I am a non-religious Christian man,and I want to know if king Mohammed VI and the government of Morocco is going to allow Christian men to marry Muslim women in Morocco as part of the Moudawana reforms in the country?I find that the current status quo of a Christian man having to convert to Islam in order to get married to a Muslim is very discriminatory against Christian men.Desert caravans equipped with mobile phones and laptops aren’t an unusual sight here.Morocco is also a predominantly Muslim country, although it feels far more like a secular Middle Eastern country i.e. The women of Morocco exude the influences of the Middle East, Spain, Portugal and France, all rolled into one.

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